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Yay, a show rabbit Community.
setodragon wrote in show_buns
Here is to hoping it's more lively than the breeding community!

Anyway, hello. My name is Melody and my mom and I have been breeding and showing rabbits for over 15 years. Wow, I feel so old when you say it like that, lol. We are located in Southern California and my mom attends most ARBA Conventions as well as both of us hitting up as many California shows as we can.

We currently run 2 rabbitries. The main one is Shinobi Rabbitry...
a large rabbitry in which we are a top breeder of Netherland Dwarfs! We have most of the colors around and do very well in showing them!

The other is a small side rabbitry called Hugsy's Rabbitry... in which we raise Himalayans and Harlequins. We are also very soon getting a few Tans!

I will post pictures later, but I gotta run off to work for now!

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Yay someone joined my community! 8D a couple of my favorite breeds! definantly would love to see some pictures

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